Speech – Online Activism is “Slacktivism” — December 9, 2015

Speech – Online Activism is “Slacktivism”

For our Persuasion class, we had to write speeches. We spent a lot of time looking at techniques and famous persuasive speakers such as Martin Luther King Jr., Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Then it was our turn. In one of my blog posts, I have a copy of my 3 minute Bus Etiquette Speech that I wrote earlier this term. With the next speech needing to be 7 minutes long, I had to find a more in depth topic. Continue reading

Copy Writing —

Copy Writing

In our Copy Writing class, we have learned how to write past the page and venture through to the web. We were given a place and had to write a variety of copy based on that place. We were not allowed to duplicate or copy anything from the previous pieces. As someone who loves to write and get creative, I was sold. Continue reading

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