While trying to create a Vision Board for my “Personal PR: Promoting Yourself” class, it dawned on me: I don’t own a single piece of nice clothing. That horrifying thought was followed by a hypnotic chant of “where do I get these nice clothes?” and “what does ‘professional’ even look like today?”. Disclaimer: I am an avid wearer of jeans, nerdy graphic tees and comfy hoodies. I was totally out of my element.

After tormenting myself and spending a lot of time online, as well as in clothing stores I have no business being in, I came upon yet another question: “Am I the only one out there who is panicked by this thought?”

The answer is (thankfully for my self esteem) no! I came upon quite a few articles that focused on how young women should dress for the workplace. And that is how I ended up here. I thought I would share my new found knowledge with all of you lovely young women, like myself, who may be questioning what makes an appropriate wardrobe these days.

The best article I found was published by Forbes. Here are a bunch of tips from that article that I found to be very useful:

  • Presentation counts! This includes dressing as you want to be seen, and just because you might have a job that requires a slightly more casual dress, that doesn’t mean you show up looking like you picked your clothes up from your bedroom floor.
  • Size up your workplace! If you want to one day be a manager, look at how your manager is dressed and follow suit. I’m not saying buy the same outfit (weird!), just dress similarly so you won’t be overlooked for that promotion you have your eye on.
  • Here’s what you should have at least one of: a skirt that sits just above your knee, some nice dress slacks, a pant suit (If you’re into that), a piece of SIMPLE jewelry, a nice pair of flats or respectable heels (no stilettos please!), and a nice sweater for the winter. Don’t forget: have a light touch with your makeup and perfume as well as ask about pantyhose…no one wants to wear them unless they have to.
  • For your first day, over do it a little. It’s always better to be over dressed and told to relax for the next day, than be told that you should have tried harder.
  • Finally, just remember: always dress for the task at hand. Wear clothing that will suit what you are doing that day or the type of job that you have rather than totally missing the mark and landing flat.

I hope this was as helpful to you as it was to me. Be sure to check out the full article for more details at: http://www.forbes.com/2005/04/28/cx_sr_0428clothes.html

Also, stay tuned for more blogs by yours truly on Tuesdays and Thursdays! I will be covering more interesting PR related concepts for your enjoyment!